Triple A MMA VIII: Rivals Weigh-in Results

Triple A MMA VIII: Rivals is scheduled to take place on July 26th at the Crowne Plaza Hotel in Albuquerque, NM. The Main Event is scheduled for a three round fight between two of the fastest growing Albuquerque fighters, Team Jackson-Winklejohn fighter Conrad Padilla and Team FIT-NHB fighter Isaiah Reyes.

Weigh-ins are free and open to the public and will take place at 2:00 PM/MST today, Friday July 25th inside the Crowne Plaza Hotel in Albuquerque, NM.

Main Event

145: Conrad Padilla(144.8) vs. Isaiah Reyes(144.8)

Co-Main Event

125: Lindsay Jones() vs. Jessica Armstrong()


205: Elias Proce(205.6) vs. Patrick Alaya()

155: Hunter Tower(158.6) vs. Mike Silva()

145: Henry Barahona(145) vs. John Duran(144)

125: Marquis Smith(125) vs. Slade Ring(123.6)

170: Eric Wong(169.4) vs. Leonard Pena()

125: Anthony Carabajal(125.6) vs. Patrick Salazar(126.8)

At the time of weigh-in’s Patrick Alaya, Mike Silva, and Leonard Pena where a no show. 10 minutes after weigh-in Leonard Pena showed up and weighed in at 172.2. Leonard was given an extra hour to make weight. At the same time Patrick Salazar weighed in a second time without shorts and made weight at 126.

Before weigh-ins Jessica Armstrong was taken to hospital due to a  medical scare. At the time of release we do not have any further information.

(Card Subject to Change without Notice)




Triple A MMA VIII: Rivals Amateur Undercard Preview

Triple A MMA VIII: Rivals is scheduled to take place on July 26th at the Crowne Plaza Hotel in Albuquerque, NM. The Main Event is scheduled for a three round fight between two of the fastest growing Albuquerque fighters, Team Jackson-Winklejohn fighter Conrad Padilla and Team FIT-NHB fighter Isaiah Reyes.

The action begins with a 6-fight amateur undercard featuring Elias Proce (3-0) vs. Mike Gilbert (3-0). Also, scheduled to be on the undercard are Team Jackson-Winklejohn fighters Henry Barahona (1-0) and Hunter Tower (1-0).

Tickets are on sale now starting at just $25. Go to www.tripleamma.com or call 505-508-0876 to check availability.

Amateur Undercard

205: Elias Proce 3-0 vs. Mike Gilbert 3-0

145: Henry Barahona 1-0 vs. John Duran 0-0

170: Hunter Tower 1-0 vs. Patrick Alaya 1-1

125: Anthony Carabajal 1-0 vs. Patrick Salazar 0-1

170: Eric Wong 0-0 vs. Eloy Pena 0-0

135: Marquis Smith 0-0 vs. Slade Ring 0-0

(Card Subject to Change without Notice)


Triple A MMA VIII: Rivals Promo

Triple A MMA VIII: Rivals is scheduled to take place on July 26th at the Crowne Plaza Hotel in Albuquerque, NM. The Main Event is scheduled for a three round fight between two of the fastest growing Albuquerque fighters, Team Jackson-Winklejohn fighter Conrad Padilla and Team FIT-NHB fighter Isaiah Reyez.

Also featured on the card are Albuquerque stand-outs Joby Sanchez from Team Jackson-Winklejohn and Lindsey Jones from Westside Power Gym.

The action begins at 6pm MST. Tickets are on sale now at www.tripleamma.com or call 505-508-0876. Tickets start at just $25.00.


Triple A MMA VII: RockSTARS Quick Results

Main Event

Natalie Roy def. Brittany Horton by TKO (Punches) 0:32 RD.1

Co-Main Event

Russell Wilson def. Derek Perez by Submission (Guillotine Choke) 2:31 RD.1

Professional Undercard

Jon Sparks def. Aaron Perls by Split Decision (30-28, 29-28, 28-29)

Mark Lujan vs. Maurice Jackson Scratched due to Mark Lujan no show for weigh-ins.

Clint Roberts def. Randy McCarty by TKO (Doctor Stoppage) 4:27 RD.2

Amateur Undercard

Ernesto Salvidrez def. AJ Garza by Submission (3 Quarter Choke) 1:20 RD.1

Steven Gonzales vs. Henry Barahona Scratched due to Barahona missing weight by two pounds. No bout agreement reached between Gonzales and Barahona after weight fail.

Elias Proce def. Tuuau Pleasant by TKO (Punches) 2:08 RD.1

Matt Gurule def. Danny Grado by Submission (Rear Naked Choke) 3:03 RD.3

Preston Rowley vs. Hunter Tower Scratched due to Preston Rowley no show for weigh-ins.


New Mexico Fighter Preview: Quick Edition

We are into week 2 of a busy couple of months for New Mexico MMA. Here is a list of fights going on this weekend.

Friday, June 13th

Legacy Fighting Championship 31

Damacio Page vs. Elias Garcia

Saturday, June 14th

Triple A MMA VII: #RockSTARS

Professional Fights

Natalie Roy vs. Nohime Dennison

Russell Wilson vs. Derek Perez

Jerome Rivera vs. Terry Taylor

Aaron Perls vs. Jon Sparks

Mark Lujan vs. Maurice Jackson

Amateur Fights

Ernesto Salvidre vs. AJ Garza

Steven Gonzales vs. Henry Barahona

Tuuga Pleasant vs. Elias Price

Matt Gurule vs. Danny Grado

Global Knock-Out “The Return of Global Knock-Out”

Phil Hawes vs. Anthony Pinckard

Celine Haga vs. Natasha Creger

UFC 174

Demetrious Johnson vs. Ali Bagautinov

Andrei Arlovski vs. Brendan Schaub


Preston Rowley vs. Hunter Tower


UFC Fight Night 42: Albuquerque Quick Results

Fox Sports 1 Main Card

Benson Henderson Def. Rustam Khabilov by Submission w/ Rear Naked Choke (1:16 Rd. 4)

Diego Sanchez Def. Ross Pearson by Split Decision (30-27, 29-28 Sanchez, 30-27 Pearson)

John Dodson Def. John Moraga by TKO (Doctors Advice) (Between Rd. 2&3)

Rafael Dos Anjos Def. Jason High by TKO (3:36 Rd. 2)

Piotr Hallmann Def. Yves Edwards by Submission w/ Rear Naked Choke (2:31 Rd. 3)

Bryan Caraway Def. Erik Perez by Submission w/ Rear Naked Choke (1:52 Rd. 2)

Fox Sports 1 Prelims

Sergio Pettis Def. Yaotzin Meza by Unanimous Decision (29-28, 29-28, 29-28)

Lance Benoist Def. Bobby Voelker by Unanimous Decision (29-28, 29-28, 30-27)

Scott Jorgensen Def. Danny Martinez by Unanimous Decision 29-28, 29-28, 30-27)

Jon Tuck Def. Jake Lindsey by TKO Verbal Submission (2:47 Rd. 3)

UFC Fight Pass Prelims

Patrick Cummins Def. Roger Narvaez by TKO (2:28 Rd. 2)


UFC Fight Night 42: Albuquerque Live Play by Play

Fox Sports 1 Main Card

Benson Henderson vs. Rustam Khabilov

Round 1: The Ref for our Main Event is Mario Yamasaki. Here we go. they touch. Leg kick from Rustam misses. Both are trying to find range. Clinch up against the cage. Rustam with a Judo throw. Herderson gets back up. Body kick just misses. Upper cut by Bendo. Leg kick Bendo. Left right Rustam. Front kick Bendo. Rustam is looking for that spinning back kick. Bendo gets tagged. He shakes it off. Bendo comes flying in with a combo. In the scramble Rustam gets back control looking for suplex. Rustam lefts and Bendo hooks the leg with a block. Bendo flys in with a shot but eats a hard punch. Bendo walking down Rustam. Bendo with a couple lefts and Rustam looks to clinch. Rustam with an upper cut that misses. Bendo goes for a flying switch kick. Rustam catches Bendo in mid air and slams Bendo down. The round ends with Rustam in full guard working GnP

The FightScene scores 10-9 Rustam Khabilov

Round 2: Start in the middle. Bendo goes for a 1-2. Spinning back fist from Rustam with Bendo getting a counter 1-2. Exchange of leg kicks Bendo comes running in and catches Rustam and clinches. Rustam pushes off and they are back in the middle. Bendo is walking down Rustam and trys a long knee. Bendo comes in and they clinch. Rustam gets the take down. Bendo pushes out. Bendo Clinches against the and gets the back of Rustam. Bendo working a rear naked with a body triangle locked. Rustam is fighting hard to get out. Rustam Spins out and is trying to lock up his own choke against the fence. Bendo working a double leg. Clinch boxing going on from Bendo. Rustam looks for a Judo throw and Benson blocks. Hard knee from Bendo. Leg kick from Bendo. Leg kick misses for Bendo and Rustam lands a shot.

The FightScene scores 10-9 Benson Henderson

Round 3: Benson with a body shot. Rustam looking for head shots. Front kick from Rustam. Bendo comes flying in. Rustam catches a kick and throws Bendo down. Rustam has a Front head lock. Rustam looking to advance position. Knee from Rustam on the way up. Body kick from Bendo. Another. Clinch against the fence. Rustam backs off. Front kick Rustam.Clinch against the fence. Rustam looks for a throw and on the way out Rustam with a hard shot. Clinch again. They exchange and in the scramble Bendo looks for a choke. Rustam pulls out. Bendo looking for a take down on the fence. Rustam gets out back to the center. Bendo walking down Rustam again. Rustam finds an opening for a take down. Scramble. Bendo gets out back door. Bendo in half guard working GnP. Bell sounds.

The FightScene scores 10-9 Benson Henderson

Round 4: They start. Rustam looking for spinning move. Rustam hits a 3 punch combo. Exchange against the cage. Clinch from Bendo. Rustam shakes it off. Bendo looking for body shots. Huge upper cut from Bendo drops Rustam. Bendo all over the back and locks a tight Rear-naked choke for the tap.

Benson Henderson def. Rustam Khabilov by SUB. RD.4 1:16

Diego Sanchez vs. Ross Pearson

Round 1: The Ref for this Fight is Kevin Mulhall. They come to the middle. Body kick by Pearson. Leg kick misses by Sachez. Feeling each other out in the Middle. Left right misses by Sanchez. Body shot by Sanchez. Body shot by Pearson. Quick exchange. Back spinning kick from Sanchez misses. Hard right by Pearson. Hard left catches Sanchez coming in. Another left by Pearson. Sanchez stumbles. Body kick Pearson. One by Sanchez.  A lot of faints now. Body kick Sanchez. Right misses for Sanchez. Body kick Pearson. Left right for Sanchez. Quick exchange. High kick for Sanchez misses. Back kick for Sanchez. Pearson’s high kick gets caught and Pearson eats a couple. Another body kick from Pearson. 10 secs and Sanchez starts to unload. Bell Sounds.

The FightScene scores 10-9 for Diego Sanchez

Round 2: They met in the middle. Pearson misses a couple rights. Sanchez looks for a single Pearson gets out. Leg kick misses for Pearson. Body kick Sanchez. Body kick again. Left right misses for Sanchez. Spinning back fist from Sanchez. Pearson hits a right. Pearson comes in with a right. Quick exchange. Body kick Pearson. Right hand misses for Sanchez. Pearson hits a right to the body and head. Also lands a body kick. Pearson is finding a home for his right. Pearson moves in and out with shots. Sanchez misses a high kick. Pearson lands body kick and Sanchez lands right hand. Sanchez fakes a high kick. Sanchez gets rocked hard with a right hand. Sanchez says bring it on. Pearson catches a kick and trips Sanchez. Spinning kick misses for Sanchez. Sanchez takes control of the middle and throws off a big flurry of punches and kicks as the bell rings.

The FightScene scores 10-9 for Ross Pearson

Round 3: Pearson runs to the center. Pearson misses with a left. Sanchez flurries with punches. Both are looking for counters. Sanchez with a 1-2. Pearson hits body kick. Pearson is sticking and moving. Sanchez comes in with a 1-2. Pearson gets hit. Sanchez comes flying in. Pearson moves out of the way. Head kick misses for Sanchez. Both dig to the body. Quick exchange. Spinning kick misses for Sanchez. Knee to the body for Pearson. Spinning head kick from Sanchez misses. Sanchez is looking for the homerun. Pearson moving well and getting body shots. Two big shots from Pearson. Right hook from Sanchez. Pearson left hook. Spinning Head kick from Sanchez misses. Pearson sticking and moving. Flying Knee from Sanchez misses. Pearson lands his own flying knee. They Exchange big time as the Bell hits.

The FightScene scores 10-9 for Ross Pearson

The FightScene Scores the fight 29-28 for Ross Pearson

Diego Sanchez def. Ross Pearson by Split Decision (30-27 Sanchez, 30-27 Pearson, 29-28 Sanchez)

John Dodson vs. John Moraga

Round 1: The Ref for this contest is Mario Yamasaki. They start off touching them up. Moraga with a kick. Dodson with a kick. Moraga kick. Head kick by Dodson. Feeling each other out. Dodson with a straight left. Hard left. Moraga head kick misses. Blocked by a Dodson punch. Hard body shot by Dodson. Low kick by Moraga. Dodson runs it off. Mario stops him. Dodson is looking for his opening. Moraga misses the body punch. Moraga miss Left the head kick. Dodson with a straight left then a hard knee to the body. Moraga can’t get the hight kick. Left by Moraga. Leg kicks by Dodson. Left by Dodson. Leg kick by Moraga. Body shot by Moraga. Hard left by Dodson. Upper cut by Dodson. Hard left backs Moraga up. Right then a single leg. Dodson gets out. Leg kick misses for Moraga. 2 hard lefts by Dodson. Hard knee to the body by Dodson. Another body shot. Bell rings.

The FightScene scores 10-9 for John Dodson

Round 2: They met in the middle. Left hand by Dodson. Quick exchange by both men. Head kick misses for Moraga. Leg kick Dodson. Both men are fainting hard. Front kicks blow by for Dodson. Leg kick Moraga. Right misses for Moraga. And another. Dodson throws kick Moraga catches it and trys dumping Dodson. In the scramble Dodson gets on top. Moraga push off with butterfly and Dodson lands a solid shot. Quick exchange. Both land a left. Leg kick by Moraga misses. Right from Moraga. Leg kick by Dodson. Right by Moraga. Dodson is looking for a crazy big shot. Knee then a left hand by Dodson. Head kick misses by Moraga. Left right misses by Moraga. Body kick by Dodson. Quick exchange. Dodson Lands a huge kick to the face of Moraga. Moraga is hurt trying to survive. Dodson is looking to end it. Bell saves Moraga.

The FightScene scores 10-9 for John Dodson

Doctor Stops fight.

John Dodson def. John Moraga by TKO Doctor’s Advice RD.2 5:00

Rafael Dos Anjos vs. Jason High

Round 1: The Ref for this contest is Kevin Mulhall. They start off touching it up. They are feeling it out. Kick by Anjos. Both are looking for big shots. High gets the HUGE slam. High in guard. Anjos is up. High gets another take down and Anjos looks for a choke. High in full guard. RDA is looking for subs. High hits a left. High backs off then jumps in guard. RDA gets Kimura High powers out of it. High backs out then backs in RDA gets reverse from Kimura. RDA gets good shots in. High looks gassed. RDA kicks the body. RDA looks fresh. RDA is finding his range now hits a 1234 and dumps High. RDA in half guard. Elbows to the body by RDA. RDA looking for Kimura. RDA lands GnP has bell rings.

The FightScene scores 10-9 Rafael Dos Anjos

Round 2: RDA is anxious to start. High comes in with a left. High goes for a head kick. RDA hits a hard body shot. High gets a finger in the eye. Action stops. Ref warns RDA. Restart. Kick by both. Left by RDA.  RDA is rocking the body of High. High goes for take down and lands. RDA gets up. Knee to the body. Kick to the leg. Left hand by RDA. Head kick by misses and RDA lands a hard right hand. Gets High against the cage and lands a take down. RDA in side control. High reverses. Trys to get up. High is in a choke. Gets out and works on top. Some clinch work on the cage. They seperate and RDA hits High hard with a left and drops High. On top working GnP. Ref jumps in and stops the fight. High gets open and argues the call.

Rafael Dos Anjos def. Jason High by TKO RD.2 3:36

Yves Edwards vs. Piotr Hallmann

Round 1: The third man in the cage is Mario Yamasaki. They touch it up. Body kick by Hallmann. Leg kick. Edwards lands to head kicks. Body kick by Hallmann. Hallmann looks for a right and misses. Front kick by Edwards. Body kick by Edwards. Hallmann gets a hard poke to the eye on Edwards. Edwards is ready. Hallmann gets warned. Leg kick by Hallmann. Boddy shot by Edwards miss. A 1-2 miss by Edwards. Hallmann looks take down that doesn’t go. Hallmann misses upper cut. Hallmann for the take down. Edwards bounces of cage. Edwards gets up. Hard kick and upper cut by Edwards. Body kicks by Edwards. Leg kicks by Hallmann. Edwards trys a combo. Hallmann with a leg kick gets Edwards to the ground. Hallmann in full guard. Moves to half guard. Hallmann landing elbows. Edwards looks to get out. Up then back down. Reversal by Edwards. They are clinching on the fence. Knees by Hallmann. Bell rings.

The FightScene scores 10-9 Piotr Hallmann

Round 2: They touch. Body then head shot by Hallmann. They trade. And another eye poke by Hallmann. Another warning by the ref. They met in the middle. Knee by Hallmann to the body. Both men are throwing hard. Elbow by Edwards. Leg kicks by both. Hallmann gets poked now. Restart. Hallman stalking. Upper cut misses. Edwards with a combo. Hallmann has then back for a take down. Hallmann lets go and lands knee. Leg kicks the a head kick by Hallmann. Edwards clinching on the cage. Body kick and shots along the cage by Edwards. Edwards has the back against the cage. Hallmann throws Edwards down and lands in full guard. Looking for GnP. Edwards holding tight. Hallmann throwing elbows. Half guard and working to get side control. Edwards get up the back and Hallmann landing hard GnP. Edwards is cut open. Hallmann gets back and Edwards spins and Hallmann gets the take down. Hallmann working GnP in half guard. Edwards is looking to get up but gives up the back in the process. Edwards up. Hallmann get the clinch against the cage. Bell hits.

The FightScene scores 10-9 Piotr Hallmann

Round 3: Hallmann comes in jabbing. Hallmann lands hard. Take down by Hallmann. Edwards escapes. They clinch in the middle. Hallmann backs out then flys in for a take down. Its stuffed. Clinch against the cage. Hallmann on the level change and lands take down. Working for the back Hallmann is landing shots. Edwards is looking to get full guard. Hallmann gets half guard. Hallmann is looking for the back and gets the rear naked choke with Edwards tapping fast after it gets under the chin.

Piotr Hallmann def. Yves Edwards by Rear-naked Choke RD.3 2:31

Erik Perez vs. Bryan Caraway

Round 1: The Ref for this match up is Raul Porrata. They start off with Caraway looking for a take down. Perez throws a leg kick. Perez comes in a eats a right. Perez looking for a high kick. Caraway look for a take down at the same time. They clinch and Caraway drops for a Sub. Perez is fighting it off and Caraway stands up.Left right by Perez. Both tag each other. Perez with a flying knee. Another high kick by Perez misses and Caraway gets the back of Perez. Caraway is looking for a choke. Perez is fighting hard to get Caraway off his back. Perez gets out. Perez on top against the cage. Full guard for Caraway. Perez with body shots. Caraway looking for choke he gets up. They are back to the middle. Huge knee by Perez. Left right by Perez. Caraway looks for take down. Caraway gets the take down. Perez with a back elbow.

The FightScene scores 10-9 Erik Perez.

Round 2: They touch gloves. Both are looking for a big shot. Perez goes for take down. Caraway sweeps to get top control. Caraway works way into mount the gets back control. Looking for a rear naked. Caraway locks body triangle. Caraway gets a tight rear naked to end the fight.

Bryan Caraway def. Erik Perez by Rear-naked Choke RD.2 1:52

Fox Sports 1 Prelims

Yaotin Meza vs. Sergio Pettis

Round 1: The Ref is Kevin Mulhall. Not touch in the middle. Both are feeling out. Jab by Pettis. Pettis working foot work. Jab by Pettis. Leg kick by Meza. Another. High kick by Pettis. Leg kick by Meza. Still looking for the range. Pettis with some kicks. Meza rushes but nothing lands. Big right just misses by Pettis. Spinning heel kick by Pettis doesn’t land. Leg kick by Pettis. Leg Kick by Meza. Left by Meza. Right by Pettis. Kick by Pettis. Another. Kick misses from Meza. Pettis start to hunt down Meza. Meza looks for a take down. Hard left by Pettis. Both look for body kicks. Leg kicks by both. Cart wheel kick by Pettis misses. Leg kick by Pettis.

The FightScene scores 10-9 for Sergio Pettis

Round 2: They met in the middle. Both men still looking for bocing range. Leg kick Meza. Pettis is stalking now. Meza with a few jabs. Meza chasing Pettis now. Meza looks for a take down Pettis gets out the back door. Both throw a couple shots. Pettis is landing the jab now. Leg kick by Pettis. Another. Meza still looking for jabs. Left the low kick by Meza. Jabs by Pettis. High kick gets blocked. Hard low kick by Pettis. Jabs from both men. Jabs by Pettis. Pettis circling trying to find openings. Body jab by Pettis. Pettis with leg kick and another. Jabs from Meza. Body kick Meza. Pettis with a hard head kick Meza stumbles. Meza trys for a take down and Pettis gets shots in. Pettis gets a body kick. Meza still trying to throw hard. Bell hits.

The FightScene scores 10-9 Sergio Pettis

Round 3: They start in the middle. Pettis with kicks. Crane kick by Pettis. Meza is walking down Pettis. Pettis lands leg kick. Good foot work by Pettis. Spinning back kick from Pettis. Meza with Jabs all miss. More kicks from Pettis. Pettis is picking his shots. Meza still missing on the jabs. Pettis looks for another kick. Meza chasing and Pettis is circling. Left by Meza. Pettis is sticking and moving. Meza walking down from a big shot. Pettis moving well. Jabs miss again from Meza. Take Down attempt from Meza. Pettis fighting it hard. Meza gets Pettis on his back. Pettis head against the fence. Pettis looking for up kicks. Meza jumps in Pettis guard. Pettis looking for Subs. Meza gets a slam. Bell sounds.

The FightScene scores 10-9 Sergio Pettis

The FightScene scores fight 30-27 for Sergio Pettis

Sergio Pettis def. Yaotzin Meza by Unanimous Decision (29-28×3)

Bobby Voelker vs. Lance Benoist

Round 1: The Third man in the cage is Mario Yamasaki. Bobby with a hard leg kick and right hand. Lance eats a body kick. Lance with a shot coming in. Lance clinches on the cage. Foot stomp by Benoist. Benoist is looking for a takedown. Benoist eats a hard knee. They separate. Body shot by Voelker. Voelker coming in wild. Benoist hits a body kick. Big kick by Bobby misses. Right hand by Benoist. Body kick by Benoist. Voelker lands a straight right. Another body kick by Benoist. Lance rushes in and misses a head kick. Benoist lands a few good shots and works clinch on the fence. Benoist gets the takedown. Benoist locks the right hand of Voelker behind his body. Benoist has side control. Benoist working GnP. Voelker gets back to half guard. Voelker reveres and gets top position.

The FightScene scores 10-9 for Lance Benoist

Round 2: Benoist landing hard early and backs out. Voelker looks for the right as Benoist lands a left. Head kick by Benoist and he looks for a takedown. Clinch against the fence. Level change by Benoist. Benoist gets the take down on the fence. Benoist trying to get Voelkder all the way down. Both men are up. Clinch against the fence. Knee by Voelker. Ref warns Benoist for grabing the cage. Head kick and hard right hand by Voelker. Voelker is walking down Benoist. Both men look tired. Left by Voelker. Benoist looks take down and Voelker reverses to get top position. Elbows by Voelker. Benoist is looking Sub. from the bottom. Voelker working GnP against the cage as the bell hits.

The FightScene scores 10-9 for Bobby Voelker

Round 3: Both men are breathing hard before the round. Voelker gets poked and Benoist lands a hard body kick. Voelker lands a hard right then left. Voelker looks for the Thai clinch with back to the fence. Voelker looks for a Sub. Benoist drops down for a take down. Voelker slips on a big knee that misses. Voelker gets up. Both men are tired and looking for big shots. Clinch and a knee from Benoist. Benoist went for a throw and lands on top. Benoist gets full mount and is throwing hard elbows. Voelker holding tight. Voelker trys bucking and Benoist is still on top. A cut on Voelkers nose now. Voelker looks to roll and Benoist gets back. Voelker reverses. Voelker gets back into mount. Benoist looks for a triangle. Voelker gets out and works GnP to end round.

The FightScene scores 10-9 Lance Benoist

The FightScene scores fight 29-28 Lance Benoist

Lance Benoist def. Bobby Voelker by Unanimous Decision ( 29-28, 29-28, 30-27)

Scott Jorgensen vs. Danny Martinez

Round 1: The Ref for this match is Kevin Mulhall. They met in the middle with a little feeling out and both men jump in with shots. Martinez with a head kick. Jorgensen hits a takedown now has the back. Matinez is up and separates. A couple jabs now a 3 punch combo. Jorgensen gets a take down Martinez up and Martinez gets dumped back down. Jorgensen is working a rear naked now. Martinez is trying hard to fight it off. Jorgensen with another huge slam. Jorgensen with a hard punch. One hook for Jorgensen. Jorgensen gets Martinez up then down again. Jorgensen working the back again. One hook in for Jorgensen. Martinez with one wrist. Martinez rolls out and Martinez hits the ground from a Jorgensen shot. Jorgensen works a sub. Martinez up and hits a kick. A couple shots back and forth. Martinez hits a kick as the whistle blows.

The FightScene Scores 10-9 for Scott Jorgensen

Round 2: Round 2 starts they met and Jorgensen is looking for a takedown. Martinez hits a 3 punch combo. Jorgensen looks for a takedown. Jorgensen gets hit by a hard left. A right then left from Martinez drops Jorgensen. Martinez looking to finish. Jorgensen up. Jorgensen against the cage, he eats a hard knee. Danny is finding his range. Jorgensen bleeding from the nose now. Martinez his hunting for the left again. Jorgensen is walking down Martinez. Martinez looking for a single leg and he lets in go. Still looking for the left hand Jorgensen lands hard. Both men are finding shots. Jorgensen gets the takedown. Looking to get the back. Martinez up and eats an elbow. Against the cage Jorgensen get the takedown and get the back. Martinez reverses. Martinez looks to stand up. Jorgensen Reverses and gets back. Jorgensen ends the round landing shots from the back.

The FightScene scores 10-9 for Scott Jorgensen

Round 3: They met at the middle and Martinez is still looking for the left hand. Front kick by Jorgensen. Gets the clinch on the fence. Gets the takedown. North South position for Jorgensen. Working on a few differesnt subs. Martinez up and looking for a takedown. Jorgensen works a kimura to escape. Flying knee by Martinez. Jorgensen works to the cage and get the takedown. Martinez up. They separate. 1-2 by Martinez. 1-2 by Jorgensen. Jorgensen gets another takedown. Now has the back of Martinez. Martinez get back up. Jorgensen is marching Martinez down. Martinez is looking for the homerun shot. Jorgensen scrambles out of another takedown. Martinez is running. Martinez hits 2 hard left hands. Jorgensen’s back on the cage and Gets another takedown. Jorgensen is in guard. Round ends with Jorgensen on top.

The FightScene scores 10-9 Scott Jorgensen

The FightScene scores fight 30-27 for Scott Jorgensen

Scott Jorgensen def. Danny Martinez by Unanimous Decision (29-28, 29-28, 30-27)

Jon Tuck vs. Jake Lindsey

Round 1: The Third man in the cage is Raul Porrata. They start in the middle leg kicks by tuck. Body lock by Tuck. Clinching against the fence. A few knees by Jake. Tuck pulls out. Backing up a couple jabs by Tuck. Knee to the body by Lindsey. Lindsey gets hit hard and now they are on the ground Tuck on top, Lindsey reverses. Tuck clinching against the fence. Tuck landing some hard shots. Head kick misses by Tuck. Lindsey lands a right then knee and elbow. Tuck with the back now Lindsey had half guard. Tuck standing with heavy shots. Tuck back in half guard. Ref stands them up. Lindsey with hard knees. Clinching against the fence. Tuck with some knees. Lindsey with a body lock against the fence. Tuck with a knee. Lindsey with body shots. Lindsey trying for a takedown. As the bell rings Lindsey is hitting body shots and Tuck is hit knees.

The FightScene scores 10-9 for Jake Lindsey.

Round 2: They come to the middle Tuck lands a right hand and just misses with a head kick. Tuck with a right hand kick then another right. Lindsey clinch Tuck reverses, Lindsey reverses. Body shots by Tuck. Back to the center. Tuck Lands a right hand. Upper cut by Lindsey. Jab Jab by Lindsey. Lindsey working on a single leg. Tuck working on a Sub. Knees by Tuck. Lindsey still working clinch. Tuck gets out to the center. Tuck looking for a left hand. Big body kick by Lindsey and another. Tuck is getting gased. Tuck gets a takedown. Works to Half guard. A couple elbows. Side mount now back to half mount for Tuck. Lindsey has butterfly guard now. Tuck with a couple elbows Lindsey is up now Tuck working the back. Clinch on the fence. A few knees by Lindsey.

The FightScene Scores 10-9 Jon Tuck.

Round 3: Lindsey comes in fast and Tuck lands a big right hand and gets the takedown in the center. Tuck working in the half guard. Lindsey holding tight. Tuck landing elbows. Tuck gets back now mount. Tuck is working on an armbar. Lindsey gets out. Tuck now getting good shots in. Tuck has back now with both hooks. Working a rear naked. Lindsey fighting off. Tuck had body triangle. Lindsey trys to slam Tuck off it doesn’t go. Heel kicks from the back. The fight is waved off strangely. Lindsey taps to a heel kick to the ribs.

Jon Tuck def. Jake Lindsey by TKO RD.3 2:47

UFC Fight Pass Prelims

Patrick Cummins def. Roger Narvaez by TKO RD.2 2:28


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